How to set up datacenter proxies with a FoxyProxy on Firefox?

For this FoxyProxy guide we assume that you have Mozilla Firefox installed.

1.Download FoxyProxy for Firefox

  • We recommend Mozilla Firefox add-on store to get the FoxyProxy extension.
  • Click on the icon and select “Options”.
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2. Add a new proxy

  • Click the “Add” button on the left side of the screen.


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  • Another FoxyProxy screen will open.

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  • Give a name to the proxy profile in the “Title or Description” field.
  • Select the appropriate type of proxies HTTP(S).
  • Input the IP address, port number, and authentication details

Find shared datacenter proxies endpoints (alo knows as: IP addresses/domain/URL) and ports here.

  • click “Save”

3. Turn the proxies on

  • To turn on proxies, FoxyProxy now has to be enabled. 
  • Reach the dropdown menu and click on it and select the profiles you want to enable.


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You can also enable the profiles through the FoxyProxy button next to the toolbar. FoxyProxy will now display a shortened version of the profile name above the icon.