How to set up datacenter proxies with a Firefox browser?

1.Download and install Mozilla Firefox

Go to their official website https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

2. Open Firefox and go to settings:

  • use the address bar and type in about:preferences and press “Enter” OR
  • use the upper right hand corner of the screen and to click on the three vertical dashes. From there, use the context menu and move downwards until you reach “Settings”.
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3. Go to Mozilla Firefox Network settings:

  • scroll down to the network tab

  • Click on the “Settings” button

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4. Select manual proxy configuration

In the connection settings window choose 'Manual proxy configuration'.

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5. Input proxy settings

  • We recommend using the HTTPS proxy bar instead of the regular HTTP one.

Find shared datacenter proxies endpoints (alo knows as: IP addresses/domain/URL) and ports here.

  • Firefox only supports a single proxy server.
  • There’s an option called “No proxy for” – you can input an address and proxies will not be applied when an internet connection is initiated to it.
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6. Click OK